Lake Norman Waterfront Property

Apparently nobody told the sellers about the downturn in the real estate market. Not if they’re selling waterfront land on Lake Norman. An impromptu survey of several recently sold waterfront lots and a few current active parcels of prime dirt seems to indicate that if you want to live on the water on Lake Norman, you’ll still need deep pockets.
As the availability of lots with good water frontage and big lake views shrinks, the remaining lots are being priced at a premium. So while the market in general is trying to stabilize after the mortgage industry fallout, certain sectors of the real estate market seem to be weathering the storm. The price range under $200k is still active, serving first-tine buyers and people from up north looking for a second home in the sunny south. And the quality waterfront lots still seem to be priced like there is no problem with the condition of the North Carolina market.
So if you want to build your dream home on Lake Norman, time is running out to find that perfect site. If you wait much longer, there won’t be a bare acre of dirt anywhere in the four counties that share the lake. Of course, we in the real estate business will be happy to sell you a lot with someone else’s dream home already built on it. A coat of paint, a few pictures of the kids and the dog, and it’ll be like you always lived there. After all, it’s the view out the window you’re after, isn’t it?


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