Selling Your Home in a Slow Market

Some folks would say it’s better to wait until after the holidays to list your home for sale, because of all the other things that consume our time and energy during November & December. But for a lot of people, the time is now. After all, people do still search for homes, and people still look for the next best place to live, and companies transfer people all year long.

Here in the Lake Norman Region of North Carolina, we are fortunate to be one of the most desireable areas in which to relocate. Many people from the northeast and Florida begin searching this market, sometimes well in advance of their actual moving timeframe, just to look for that perfect property. The Mooresville, Cornelius, Denver and Huntersville communities around Lake Norman offer plenty of opportunities to live near or on the water.

If you are thinking of selling your home, and either can’t or don’t want to wait until spring, here’s a few thoughts:

Don’t try to go it alone – Despite the numerous “Do it yourself” real estate shows you see on TV, in a slow market a real estate professional can make the difference between selling and sitting there.

Cheaper  isn’t better – If you want to compete and win, you need the best tools and experience available. If you are considering a discount broker, be sure to ask what services will not be included in an agreement. Talk to a full-service broker so you have a benchmark for comparison. You get what you pay for. How much more will it cost you if your house sits on the market two or three months longer than it has to?

Set your home apart – The two best ways to get your home sold are price and appearance. And the two are connected in an inverse proportion. The better the home shows, the more value the buyer will impart to it. Inversely, appearance problems, or as they are sometimes called, incurable defects, can be remedied by adjusting the price. (An example of an incurable defect would be a five bedroom home with only one bath). Either way, by appearance or pricing, you need to make your home stand out in the competition for the buyers’ attention. If you need help with the appearance part of the equation, email me at and I can connect you with some staging and/or organizing professionals.

You don’t have to wait until spring to market your home. You just have to stack the deck in your favor. Visit the staging page of my website,, to learn more about making your home show at its best. For a look at the Century 21 Hecht Realty Customized Marketing System, just give me a call at 704-578-4778.


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