Global Warming? What Global Warming?

This story comes from MSNBC today: Arab World Shivers in Unusual Cold Snap.

AMMAN, Jordan – The lone de-icing machine at Jordan’s busy international airport worked frantically on Tuesday to clear planes for take off when a freak snowstorm blanketed this small desert country in a cold snap that has the whole region shivering.Temperatures have plunged throughout the Middle East, dusting cities with unfamiliar snowfalls and sending residences scurrying for their blankets and jackets to cope with the near freezing temperatures in many places.

Now, it gets cold here in the Lake Norman Region of North Carolina, too. But it’s not for very long, and not brutally so, and a lot of folks like the fact that they can relocate to the South and still enjoy the four seasons. The weather around Charlotte is a major consideration for people seeking a warmer climate.

If you are tired of the snow and cold, and would like to explore what the Lake Norman real estate market is like, call me at 704-578-4778, or email me at, and I can help you. This is a great time to be buying or selling.  If you’re coming from Jordan, you’ll need to get your visa on your own. If you’re coming South from New York, you won’t need a visa, but you might need an interpreter.


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  1. The four seasons here are great. I grew up here in Concord, NC, moved around the US for 10 years and decided it just doesn’t get much better than this for a climate.

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