Questions About Mortgages?

Here’s a good website to visit if you are considering a home purchase, but are unfamiliar with the mortgage process. The Mortgage Professor can help you with a lot of those questions. I came upon this site while doing a little surfing, as I do from time to time, just to see what is out there.

When you get your questions answered about mortgages, come back here to get connected with a qualified mortgage broker to help you. Check out my “Real Estate Partners” page for a link to Ben Bishop’s website. He’ll be able to help you get pre-qualified or a loan.

Pre-qualification is critical in today’s market. For the buyers, it is their reality check on what they can afford, and what it will cost them to own a home. For the seller to seriously consider an offer, it must include a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender. If I get a pre-approval from Bradford Mortgage, where you’ll find Ben, I feel comfortable these buyers are solid.

If you’re beginning the home search process, I recommend you start with the pre-approval step, and then call me or email me, and we’ll get busy finding you the right home at a good price.


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