Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

…….It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood……..or so the song goes. But is it? Many times when I am showing property to prospective buyers I am asked about the neighborhood; is it noisy?, is it loaded with kids?, etc.

North Carolina Real Estate Law and the Federal Fair Housing Act prohibit agents from helping buyers make decisions about particular communities based on race, religion, national origin, or other considerations of the current neighbors. That includes familial status, or…kids. When I am asked about the makeup of a community or whether or not it’s quiet, I let them know that we are entering into a discussion that I cannot by law be a part of. Additionally, I probably couldn’t speak intelligently about every neighborhood we visit anyhow, even if it was legal. There’s just too many to remember.

Prospective buyers are able, however, to explore neighborhoods on their own to see if they lke the feel of them. When making a purchase of this magnitude it is good to do the due diligence necessary to be comfortable with your decision.

One interesting way to check out neighborhoods is at a website called rottenneighbors.com. At this site people are free to post comments about their neighbors, and along with their comments there is a satellite picture of the neighborhood and a red marker on the offending neighbor’s house. Others can then comment on the original complaint. You might want to check out your town for problem neighbors that mow the lawn in their underwear or are selling drugs on the front porch. Or, check to find out if you have made someone mad enough to offer you up to the site.

If, after checking this site, you determine it is in your best interest to pack up and move out in the middle of the night, email me and I can help you find a new home where you can start over. Just keep in mind that I am a real estate broker, not associateed with the federal witness protection program.


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