A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words…..

….and probably worth several thousand dollars, if you are trying to sell your property. I mean, if you’re going to list your home for sale, make sure you understand two things; first, be sure to realize that the first two or three weeks your property is on the market are the most critical, and second, having your home on the MLS and on Realtor.com and all the other sites is a waste of time if you do not have pictures, and lots of them, for buyers to view.

Understanding that a home which has been active on the Lake Norman market 30-45 days without an offer is probably a good candidate for a price decrease, allowing your home to sit on the MLS for two weeks before it has pictures uploaded can cost you money. Those web-surfers looking for property from in front of their computer will not spend very long on a house with no photos, if they look at all. As an agent, I know that there is too much inventory out there for me to waste my buyers’ time on a listing with no photos.  Don’t waste the first two weeks of your listing by not having a strong photo presence on the web.

A home that has been on the market 1-2 days before pictures are uploaded is not surprising to find. But a property that has been active for 10-14 days without pictures says to me that there must be a reason they don’t want people to see it. But there is no reason that I know of to activate a listing with out at least a few photos. The MLS only lets you upload eight pictures anyway.

When I list a home I make sure to get the pictures before I activate the listing, so they are there to see the first day on the MLS. Anything else I consider poor customer service. Within a day or so after activating the listing I create and upload the virtual tour, which is a standard part of my marketing plan for every home. I also make sure the virtual tour makes it to all the websites where my listing will be found.

If you or someone you know in the greater Charlotte area is considering selling a home, make sure you ask whoever you talk to about their strategy for photos and virtual tours. It’s one of the most important marketing tactics you can use to sell your home!

Want to know more? Call or email me and I can send you some free literature about listing your home.


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