They Took All The Trees, Put ’em in a Tree Museum…

…..and they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see ’em.

  I have a buyer client looking to downsize from his North Mecklenburg home, which used to sit with ten acres of trees right behind his back yard. However, a year ago a large national builder/developer came in and leveled every tree on that parcel, and subdivided it into building lots. That left the client with just the trees in his own back yard, but they are mature hardwoods and pines that provide a lot of shade.

Well, the client decided that he would actually buy one of the homes in the community directly behind his lot, and selected a lot right behind his current residence. When he got to the point of going through the numbers with the builder’s sales agent, he was told that the 60′ by 100′ lot that he had chosen carried a lot premium of $3500 dollars. When he asked what was “premium” about this particular lot, he was told that it was because of the trees behind the lot!!! My client said, “But they’re my freakin’ trees!”

Unbelievable! They cut down all the trees except the ones that don’t belong to them, and then charge buyers a premium to look at someone else’s trees. When the sales agent was writing up the contract, he asked if there were any other stipulations that needed to be included in the offer, and my client said,”Yes. If the homeowner behind me cuts his trees down, I want my $3500 back!”

Joni Mitchell nailed it perfectly in the 60’s when she recorded “Big Yellow Taxi.” The only thing she missed was the cost to “see ’em.” What a world.


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