Showing Your Home at Its Best

Between readying my newest listings for showing and visiting other listings for sale in the Lake Norman region, I have seen some things that make me think I need to write a post about common mistakes folks make when they have their home for sale.

We’ve all done this before: Pan frying brussel sprouts, broccoli, garlic or some other pungent food, even boiling shrimp in Old Bay seasoning. Sure tastes good at the table, but the cooking odors can linger for days, despite the best vent hood or fan.  Think twice about the dinner menu if you may have prospective buyers showing up at the door. I would consider toast as an alternative….

….but wait: on second thought, take the toaster off the counter altogether while the house is listed. Go to Panera or the Bagel Shop to get your toast fix. Avoid dealing with the crumbs a toaster can leave behind.

It’s winter, even here in North Carolina. If you want buyers to spend time in your home, (and you do), turn the furnace on! When I walk into a house that’s no warmer than the outdoors, my tendency is to get in and out as fast as I can.

Getting back to house odors: There are also pleasant odors that can be offensive if they are too strong. While a plug-in air freshener can make a home smell inviting, one or two in the house may be plenty. Don’t put one in every room. And please use the same scent wherever you put them. 

One last thought:  It doesn’t take much furniture to make an unoccupied house seem cozy. If you are not living in your house, maybe because you were recently married or are combining two households, chances are you have some extra furniture. Left in the home, strategically placed, those odd pieces can make a big difference in how a house shows.

Just a few thoughts to help you rethink the broccoli tonight….


4 Responses

  1. […] Off beat stagging notes: One of my top agents, Fran Park, makes a few observation that you won’t find in your standard Feng Shui  manual but should be considered if you want to attract a quality buyer. […]

  2. Please remember when reading your Feng Shui manual, that it is read top to bottom, right to left. If you do it the way you were taught in school, your recliner will end up next to the refrigerator and you will have negative energy flowing as you strain to see the television…

  3. Hi there,

    Can you explain to me what you mean about reading a feng shui manual the proper way? I’m not sure I follow.

    I’m an agent, RE professor and have an RE coaching company that incorporates feng shui, so I’m always on the look out for more information (and agent success stories with Feng Shui for my radio show).

    Also, I’m an Active Rainer too, so maybe we can chat!


  4. Tamara, the feng shui remark was intended as humor. Apparently, one would need to reside in my head to get it. You know: feng shui…Eastern….Orient….different way of writing & reading….place the recliner in the kitchen…can’t see TV….I’m guessing my stager and feng shui professional wouldn’t get it either.

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