Buyers- Do Your Research

Here’s a few tips for buyers looking in today’s real estate market that will help you make better decisions and use your time more efficiently. Since there is still a healthy inventory of homes for sale in the Lake Norman area, it’s not hard to find several properties in the same neighborhood that fit your initial criteria. It’s also not hard to find several neighborhoods that could possibly meet your search criteria.

Step One is to research the neighborhood before actually spending time viewing properties. If you ultimately don’t like the community, it doesn’t matter what the homes are like, does it? Does the community have the amentities you desire? Are the lots suitable for you? What about your commute? Are schools, services and shopping within your acceptable range? Are you comfortable with the age of the homes in the community?

Step Two is after deciding on what neighborhoods you want to search. Are there parts of the community that suit you better than others? Sometimes the lots in a certain area of a neighborhood are level and square, and others in the same ‘hood have no back yard, or a steep slope up or down, or are oddly shaped. Rule out the homes that you can from the outside. Steps One and Two can be accomplished with a Sunday drive.

Step Three: Solidify your “Must Have” list in advance, and use it to help make choices. If you aren’t sure on a feature or number of rooms, then plan to see it. But if you know, then don’t waste your time.

There are a lot of homes listed out there that may fit in your price range and size parameters. But by following the steps above, you can drill down into the inventory and build a list of homes that are most likely to suit your needs . Then it’s just a matter of floor plan, condition, and seller motivation. If you would like help with the search process, call me or email me and I will be glad to help.


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